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Melanie Miles Morgan



Professor Melissa Bateson



Melissa 2011 photo.jpg

Melanie has bred Maus for almost 20 years, a short time in the scheme of things, but in that time Melanie has used her time wisely. She has devoted herself to

the understanding and improvement of the breed and the results have been pretty spectacular.  In the always difficult to crack Cat Fanciers Association (CFA), Melanie has put the minority breed of Egyptian Maus on the map as a perennial player and has produced some of the top examples of the breed.  In an admittedly difficult breed Melanie has established herself not only as the top Egyptian Mau cattery, but as one of the top CFA catteries in the history of CFA  - not an easy thing to do with a mainstream breed and nearly impossible with a difficult minority breed.  Many of Melanie's cats have gone on to serve as the foundation for the breed around the world, including in the UK... and all this was achieved with relatively few cats.  Add to those credentials that Melanie spent most of a decade preparing for and entering the CFA judging program.


Melanie is an approved Allbreed judge and is not only asked to train nearly every one of the CFA's new judges coming in, but is also in charge of all the new CFA judges coming in to their International division. Just to take it a step further, Melanie is the chair of Breeds and Standards for CFA.

Melissa has owned, and has been breeding and showing, Egyptian Maus since 1996, initially whilst in the USA. In 1998 Melissa was responsible for introducing the first Egyptian Maus to the UK, and since then she has been working hard to establish the breed in our national cat registry, the GCCF.

Melissa own a small cattery devoted to breeding and showing high quality Egyptian Maus; her cattery New Kingdom is named after the period of Egyptian history extending from the 18th to the 20th dynasty (approximately 1570-1080 B.C.). The majority of the Egyptian Maus currently in the UK are descended from Melissa’s lines.


Georgina Anderson-Keeble



Phone: 07912 787668 or 01634 268579


Georgina is a breeder of Egyptian Maus and has been invovled with the breed since 2007. She has been a full GCCF Steward since May 2013, is training to become a Show Manager and planning to become a Pedigree Judge.


Georgina is one of the project designers of the GCCF Young Exhibitors’ Scheme (YES!) and is the Southern Administrator for the Candidates. She is also involved on committees of a number of Cat Clubs.


Lynda Ashmore

Phone: 0114 258 6866



Lynda has been involved with GCCF since the mid 70's and is currently a member of the GCCF Board and the Investigation committee. Lynda has been a judge since 1998, an Egyptian Mau judge since June 2003 and is now a full judge of 22 breeds which include all the ones currently within the Foreign section.


Lynda has extensive experience as a show manager and is Chairman for the Yorkshire County Cat Club.   She is also involved with 2 BACs as vice chair and is on other committees.


Lynda is passionate about the rarer/minority breeds and the clubs which represent them, and views the small breed shows as a showcase where the public can be introduced to these fascinating cats.

Lesley Szwed


Phone: 02476 306906



Lesley has been an exhibitor of both Pedigree and Household Pets for many years. She is an experienced Show Manager as well as steward and HHP Judge. She is the Section Manager for the Household & Pedigree Pet section at the Supreme Show and was one of the instigators of the complete reformation/overhaul of the Household/Pedigree Pet Section at all GCCF shows as well as being their Chief Administrator. Lesley is also a Yes! Mentor.


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Christine Whitehouse

Committee Member



Kerry Hood

Committee Member


Janet Williams
Membership Secretary and Webmaster




    Other Committee  Members

  Bob Anderson-Keeble and Keith Whitehouse



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