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Starshadow Egyptian Maus
Offers for sale to super homes, these slightly older kittens are fully vaccinated against ‘flu and enteritis, registered with GCCF.
Please contact Michele Clare: Tel 07792 495797 or

Date first listed: 6 February 2020

Date last updated: 6 February 2020

Starshadow Smoke Smudge
A lovely female, awarded Best of Variety Smoke (beating my Grand Champion!) at the Egyptian Man Society Show in January 2020.  Bred from Ch Starshadow Sirius Spots x Starshadow Wisps of Smoke,  Friendly, lives indoors, ready to go as a super pet and potential Show Neuter.  Reports from the show are on the GCCF website.
Starshadow Archie Bold
A male, perfectly marked Silver with super type, loves attention and cuddles.  Bred from Ch Starshadow Sirius Spots x Gr Ch Starshadow Arabesque, he has show potential (just hasn’t been to one yet!), he’s gorgeous.
Starshadow Smoke Drift
She has exceptional coat contrast and lovely type, her eye colour is already gooseberry green, I believe she’s a potential Show Neuter.  Ch Starshadow Sirius Spots x Starshadow Smoke Sekhmet.  Raised indoors with Smudge and Archie, she’s really stunning, loves attention and shares a bed with Smudge!
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