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Our Breeders

Breeder members wishing to be listed on this page should complete and sign the application form/declaration and send it to the membership secretary

We recognise that visitors to our site who are looking for a kitten will want to be reassured that they are dealing with reputable breeders. To assist with this reassurance, the Egyptian Mau Society requires breeders who are listed on this page to sign a Declaration confirming their agreement to abide by certain minimum standards. Breeders may opt to submit an electronic version of the declaration by clicking here. We also expect breeders to abide by the General Code of Ethics for Breeders and Owners recommended by the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF).


When approaching breeders to purchase kittens you are advised to check the official suspension list on the GCCF website - using a suspended breeder will hinder GCCF registration of kittens. The Egyptian Mau Society does not knowingly allow Breeders who are on the GCCF suspension list to be listed on this site but cannot accept responsibility if this occurs. Further information on kitten ownership may be obtained from International Cat Care.

Janet breeder photo.png
Abisha Egyptian Maus


Janet Williams,  North Wiltshire


(H): 01793 296317; (M): 07765 276534

Also: find us on Instagram.


We are a small cattery that is dedicated to the Bronze Egyptian Mau. Our kittens will be brought up in a happy environment where health and well being is extremely important. They will be socialised alongside our neutered Mau girls and be encouraged to interact with family and friends. They will have access to plenty of space as they grow up.

Our breeding queen is CH AstartesMau Ameera, a bronze girl of lovely type and patterning. Studs will be chosen carefully to ensure that our lines are free from in breeding.

We are based in rural North Wiltshire.


Accio Egyptian Maus


Robert & Georgina Anderson-Keeble, Rainham, Kent

(H): 01634 268579; (M) 07912 787668; Email:


To own a Mau is to never be without a friend. We are breeders of both Silver and Smoke Egyptian Maus, and have fallen in love with this enigmatic, entrancing and intelligent breed.


All our Maus live with us as part of our household and as breeders of the occasional litter we therefore try to ensure that our kittens experience as much family life as

possible in the time they spend with us and grow up to be friendly and

outgrowing cats coupled with the wonderful Mau inquisitiveness that so

defines this breed. We breed for health, temperament and type and

consider each mating carefully before finally making a match with our


Patrick website photo.jpg

Patrick Le Coustumer, Chelmsford, Essex


(M) 07898 813 703; Email:

Bronze breeder since 2011 , a cattery devoted to develop & establishing this color firstly in France/EU and now in UK . we breed for health, temperament and type , in our home.

Amiel-Goshen is registered with GCCF, FIFE/Felis Britannica, and LOOF

We are dedicated to the Health and Wellbeing of this "beautiful color ". covering 5 generations


Chatterie de Tizzy

Christine & Keith Whitehouse, South Yorkshire

Phone: (H) 01226 713984; (M) 07733 225339; Email:

We are a new cattery specialising in bronze Egyptian Maus.  We breed for health, type and temperament, brought up in our own home surrounded by love.

We imported in our own Bronze boy, to bring in a new blood line to the UK. Our cats are Pkdef normal (negative)

Our female, Geniemau Missy Mau,  is a Grand Champion


Geniemau Missy Mau is registered with GCCF and some other details are as follows:

Agouti coat colour- A/A2
Feline blood type A or AB does not carry B
Pkdef Normal/Negative




Veronica Maydon, Bexleyheath, Kent 

(H):01322 525572; (M):07914 435 281; Email: 

I am a breeder of silver & smoke Egyptian Maus.


My aim is to breed happy, healthy Maus that are friendly & lovable in temperament while keeping as close to the breed standard as possible, ensuring that my kittens are good examples of this beautiful breed.


All of my cats live in the family home giving them ample opportunity

for socialisation with all the usual household noises,  including




Veronica Breeder logo.png
Geniemau March 2020.png

John and Lesley Turner, County Durham, UK 

GCCF Breeder Scheme No 327 


Telephone: 07919 155854 or 01388 420614

Instagram @egyptian_mau_bronze_cats


We are privileged to be continuing the wonderful work of Jean & the late Peter Lamb. As GCCF Registered, hobby breeders of bronze Egyptian Maus with the Geniemau



Our cats and kittens live as family in our loving home and are used to

normal day to day living. We are dedicated to the health and well being

of the breed, choosing matings carefully to ensure genetic diversity and

health. Our line is PK Def negative 


Our cats also do photographic shoots and have previously done stills and

moving assignments 

Geniemau GCCF Breeder December 2021 IMG_
Emma breeder pic.jpg


Monkey Maus

Emma Britten, ‘Chief Monkey’ at Monkey Maus HQ, Cumbria 


Mobile: 07920 157 341 / 07493 741 506 


Join us on facebook: 


Hobby breeder of Egyptian Maus, specialising in Silver & Smoke.  Passionate about Egyptian Maus, the prefix MonkeyMau comes from a love for their mischievous personalities! Kittens are born and raised with love with the family in our home.  Occasionally we have kittens available to the right homes. 

All kittens come GCCF registered.

Michele's breeder listing photo April 20
Starshadow Egyptian Maus

Michele Clare, South Lincolnshire

(H):01476 861022 (M):07792 495797: email:


I have been breeding and showing pedigree cats since 1981, and have owned and loved Egyptian Maus since 2000, specialising in Silvers and Smokes.  All my queens live in the house, and their kittens are brought up with the normal sounds of washing machine, dishwasher and Classic fm, as well as (very occasionally!) the vacuum cleaner.  I aim to breed healthy, happy kittens, as close to the Breed Standard as possible; some of my queens have been imported, and I often travel to Europe to take them to stud.  This has the advantage of introducing new blood lines to the UK, increasing the breed’s genetic diversity and health.  Kittens are sometimes available to loving, permanent homes.

Whitecrest Egyptian Maus

Jean Whitehouse, West Midlands

(H):0121 557 2035 or (M) 07811 876021



I have been breeding pedigree cats for 28 years. I specialise in Silver and have three stud boys, Spike and Yogi who are father and son whilst Ziggy, still a youngster,

is an import from the Netherlands.  My boys are at stud to approved

queens only, please phone in the first instance for an informal chat. 

All my boys are PK Def negative, as are my breeding queens.  I

sometimes have kittens available to special loving homes, and breed

for health, type and temperament.  No kitten leaves before 13 weeks

in accordance with GCCF recommendations; they are brought up in a

home environment and are well socialised and friendly.


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