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Our Expertise

The Egyptian Mau Society is here to help our members by pooling and sharing our knowledge and experience. We are fortunate to have among our members some very experienced individuals who are committed to the wider interests of the Egyptian Mau.

Our objects are to encourage interest in Egyptian Maus, to safeguard their well-being and long-term health, and to give Society Members advice regarding the breeding and welfare of cats. These objects will be achieved amongst other means by:

  • Maintaining the integrity of the Egyptian Mau breed through selective breeding, neither cross-breeding Egyptian Maus to any other breed of cat, nor altering the shape, pattern, colours or demeanour of the breed from the approved standard.

  • After the Society is granted membership of the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy, participating in the GCCF Breed Advisory Scheme to:

    • Select prospective judges of Egyptian Maus and recommend them to the GCCF for appointment.

    • Publish, review and maintain the Standard of Points, Registration Policy, Breeding Policy etc.

    • Make recommendations to the GCCF on all matters relating to the breed.

  • Providing opportunities for meetings and the exchange of information and views.

  • Developing a formal breeders’ mentoring scheme.



Our Team collectively have a wealth of knowledge and experience of Egyptian Maus and of all areas of the GCCF. 


Our experience comes from aspects ranging from owning and breeding as well as showing and judging Egyptian Maus. 


At an academic level, we are able to provide information on the genetics of the breed, and we have access to academic sources to help us understand emerging aspects linked to the long-term health of the breed. We recognise that such matters will be of particular interest to breeders and our Team is committed to making sure information is shared in a helpful way.

At the same time, we recognise that data is lacking on many aspects of health related matters that are specific to Egyptian Maus. Our health programme is aimed at encouraging members to provide health information on their Maus to aid our understanding of how, if at all, the breed is affected by health-related conditions


Mau Facts
  • Egyptian Maus are the only breed in the world to have patterns on their smoke cats.

  • Egyptian Maus come in more colours than just Silver, Smoke and Bronze – although these are the only colours recognised for showing and breeding in the UK.

  • Egyptian Maus love water and unlike most other breeds will actively seek it out to play in/with.

  • Adult Males are generally larger than the females and will typically weigh anywhere between 4-6 kilos, whereas the females are usually between 3-4 kilos.

  • Egyptian Maus are the fastest domestic cat in the world and can reach speeds of up to 30 mph (48 km/h) roughly the speed of a giraffe.

  • Maus possess highly musical voices and will very often 'talk' and chirp as well as meow.

  • Maus can learn to fetch on command.

  • Maus bond strongly with their owners following their owner/s everywhere, though they may sometimes shy of strangers.

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