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Inaugural meeting

12th April 2014



Our inaugural meeting was held on 12th April 2014 and we are grateful to Michele & Malcolm who kindly opened their home to host the meeting. The team making up the committee has been elected and you can find out who's who by clicking here.

The Supreme Campaign 2014

7th February 2015


The Society decided that The Supreme Show in November 2014 would be a great springboard for our Members, their cats and the Society itself. And what a day it was! A campaign does need planning, of course, and our Members were hard at it from September. Georgina entered Kneazle (UK & IGP Santillo Feromeses Mercury) on Exhibition, and covered his pen with Club advertising and literature. She produced 100 leaflets about the Society and the cats we had at the show, and 99 had been passed to interested visitors by the end of the day. To coincide with The Supreme, the Society’s super new member booklet was produced for Members present. And we had super-bling sashes for each cat owned by a Society Member, with the cat’s name in silver against a black sash, and black and silver Society embellished rosettes at each end. They were produced by Alex Jewel, who normally makes horse rosettes, and who bravely stepped up to the plate in providing bling…indeed, she gave me an envelope full of “spare bling” in case any of the “diamonds” fell off!

Mau Space - Issue One December 2014

8th February 2015


The first edition of the Society's magazine is now available to our Members via the Members area.

Mau Space - Issue Two October 2016

27th December 2015


The second edition of the Society's magazine is now available to our Members via the Members area.

5th February 2018


New 'All Breed 'Show structure from June 2018


GCCF has carried out a wide-ranging review of the Show structure, which will affect our breed in the future.  The “Any Other Variety” part of the Foreign Section, which has been very large and unwieldy, is being reorganised so that the tabby patterned Foreign breeds - Egyptian Mau, Bengal and Ocicat/Aztec will have their own Grand challenge classes with effect from 1 June 2018.  These established breeds will be joined by the Sokoke and Toyger when they have achieved Championship status.  The cats from our part of the Section will compete against other “Foreign” breeds for Imperial certificates.  Click on the image to the left to view the new structure.